Many times while working with twitter or its tweet you want to get the twitter profile of a twitter user. Usually in web you can get this via -
It loads the timeline of that user with its profile information. But it can not be used in your program because its simply a web page. 
Twitter solves this problem by giving you the XML of a user’s profile information. You just have to modify the above URL like -

Now, its a simple XML which you can easily read by PHP script. Here is a method that helps you getting the profile information. 
/************************* Twitter Get Profile *********************/
//@ param1 – username 
//return  – An associative array with the profile information.


 function profileXML($user)
   $xmlDoc = new DOMDocument();

   $x = $xmlDoc->documentElement;
   foreach ($x->childNodes AS $item)



return $profile;
Now, lets take an example of say barackobama , a well known twitter user. 
Lets find his profile information like -




And , you should also notice that we did not require any registration,twitter API and authentication  for the same.