Yet another acquisition ..
 Google acquires Slide a social networking platform that provides you option  like games (superpoke) and slideshow in $182 million. Now , the question is what will happen with the Slide ? As google is cooking something with its google doc technologies and Slide, but the dish is not clear up to now. As they indicated this notion in their official blog.Though document sharing is moving fast in Social Networking and Slideshare is the biggest example of this. So is google trying to develop an another Slideshare? This is its a ringing bell to Slideshare.

Though Slide is well known for its facebook apps. Facebook apps like Superpoke etc. So google is preparing against facebook? Facebook is gaining more traction via its apps and google is capturing this section. By this way google is making its presence in Social Networks in a different style.

We all should hope for the well ,as google has a mixed experiences with acquisitions in social networking. Orkut is one of the example. After the acquisition Orkut is struggling ;) .

But , we hope for the best ,in case of Slide.