A business degree is not always necessary to run a huge empire. This is a proven fact now and the new business theory is made by N. Chandrasekaran , CEO and MD of Asia’s largest software company TCS.
Chandra is neither from TATA family nor from the friends of Ratan Tata. Chandra joined TCS after just finishing his Master of Computer Application (MCA) from NIT Trichy as a fresher in 1986.
Before MCA chandra obtained his B Sc degree in applied sciences from Coimbatore.He is the youngest CEO(46) of any company of TATA group.
Chandra worked in various departments and geolocations for TCS since his joining. He worked as a sales head for various business operations of TCS. In his mentorship TCS did remarkable work in various sectors like BPO,media and information services.
Chandra is member of various groups and institutions. He is the member of Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE).
Finance Asia magzine voted him for the best CEO of year 2010.
The journey of Chandra in TCS is a big example of a successful professional career. The man who joined company as a fresher became the CEO without obtaining any foriegn degree or MBA.