India is the country of movie lovers. Many awards are there to promote and encourage talent. But do they really mean? There is a huge controversy and debate on this topic and the awards which are distributed this year stamp on the fact that awards are not on the basis of talent and real performance. Here is a quick observation on the Filmfare award distributed for the year 2010.

Filmfare is the one of the oldest and prestigious award for movies. This award is dragged in controversy many times. This year again it shows some illogical distribution. Like best film award goes to My Name Is Khan. Was this the best film for year 2010? There were Dabang (If entertainment and business is concerned), Peepli Live (If art, social value and performance is concerned), Rajneeti(If subject ,presentation and business is concerned),Ishqiya (If a combination of acting, story, drama and music is concerned), Guzarish (If subject and approach is concerned) but they were ignored. Rajneeti,Guzarish and Ishqiya were not even nominated for the best film category. Why?

Now, it comes on Best Actor- Shahrukh Khan. He is one of the best actors of bollywood and there is no doubt , but was he for year 2010? Salman Khan (Dabang), Omkar (Peepli Live) and Hritik (Guzarish) did great performances. Omkar was not even nominated for Peepli Live. Would it be the case if Amir, Salman or Shahrukh play the role of Natha in Peepli Live ?

Best director – again Karan Johar for My Name Is Khan . Is it?  Here also Prakash Jha (Rajneeti), Abhishek Chaubey (Ishqiya), Anusha (Peepli Live) were not even nominated ! Though, Peepli Live was selected as India’s official entry for Oscar, but Filmfare did not consider its director even to qualify for nomination.