Laxmi Narayan Tripathi  (Laxmi) is a social activist and celebrity. She is a eunuch by gender. She is a classically-trained dancer and choreographer, but she is also an activist working to educate society about Aids and other sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).

In 1979, Laxmi was born in Thane as the eldest child of an orthodox Brahmin duo from Uttar Pradesh. She was very sick in her childhood as she had double pneumonia, typhoid and asthma. In the second standard, Laxmi was enthralled by Bharatanatyam, its costumes, make-up and jewelry.

Lakshmi graduated from Mithibai College where she read Arts, and then pursued a post-graduate degree in Bharatnatyam, after which she choreographed several stage shows, cut music albums, and has also done a few projects for TV and films.

In 2002, Lakshmi became president of the NGO, DAI Welfare Society, which is the first registered and working organisation for eunuchs in South Asia. The NGO was at the forefront of the protest against deputy chief minister RR Patil’s clampdown and eventual ban on dance bars in Mumbai. In 2006 she started Astitva, a CBO (Community Based Organisation) working for the upliftment of sexual minorities. Astitva has tackled several issues related to Aids awareness and human rights related issues in Thane and Mumbai.

Recently Laxmi is in news being the contestant of Big Boss season 5. Laxmi was part of TV shows like Sach Ka Saamna and Raaz Picchle Janam Ka.

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