SAB TV’s popular TV show Lapataganj is taking a new shape. Earlier the serial was known for the funny activities of Bijji Pandey (Abbas Khan) but now
people are liking new charecters like Mama (Anoop Upadhyay) and Lallan Ji also.
Bijji Pandey seems in less episodes now a days. Anup takes his role very seriouly. Recently when he had to play a role of sanyasi, he became very serious on sets.
Mukundi aka Rohitashv, said, “Anup is usually very mischievous on the sets. When he suddenly became silent, I got worried. I thought he had a sore throat. I had a good laugh when I came to know the real reason for his change in behaviour. Even now, I find him meditating and practicing moun vrat on the sets.”
Anup commented, “I had a lot of fun portraying a sanyasi. The character let me explore yet another facet of comedy and as I was preaching solace on-screen, I started practicing it off-screen as well. I missed talking to my friends, but work comes first, always.”