Sumit Vats Is A Indian Actor.Currently he is playing the lead role in Hitler Didi on Zee TV!
He was lastly seen in Mukti Bandhan as Jimmy, before it he was seen as investigating officers in Surya The Super Cop!

Early Life
Sumit vats was born on April 17, 1981. He is a tv serial actor, debuted the career with the serial Surya The Super Cop. In this show he played the character of Investigating Officer. Apart from that Sumit vats has also been seen in Mukti Bandhan on Colors, where he played the role of Jimmy. Sumit Vats new serial is Hitler didi on zee tv, in which he is shown opposite to Rati pandey.

Hitler Didi
The real life love life of TV actor Sumit Vats, who dons the male lead in Zee TV new show ‘Hitler Didi’, seems to be experiencing an uneven patch.

Sumit’s lady friend is said to be disturbed with some close scenes he did on-screen with the female lead, Rati Pandey.The scenes under consideration were shot in Macau, where the cast of the show had gone.
Unbeknownst to Sumit, his ladyfriend reached Macau to give him a surprise.
There, she witnessed a wet Sumit locked in a close hug with Rati while shooting for the scene.

“The scene required Rati to push Sumit into a canal and later have a drenched Sumit sharing an intimate moment with her. No one expected his girlfriend to show up when she did, much less have her witness the scene,” a source stated.

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