Aarti Ahlawat Sehwag is the wife of the most destructive batsman in world cricket Virender Sehwag. The couple have two sons, Aryavir, born oncapture 18 October 2007 and Vedant, born in 2010.

Early Life and Education

She is daughter of advocate Suraj Singh Ahlawat. She is a BA graduate from Maitreyi College, Delhi. Aarti’s bua (paternal aunt) got married in Sehwag’s family when they both were kids.As close relatives, they would meet at weddings and other family functions.

Love story and marriage with Virender Sehwag 

In starting they were just friends and according to Aarti,they used to call each other ‘buddy’.They talk for long hours as friends. In May 2002, Viru formally proposed to her.They had known each other for 17 years but it took 14 years for the romance to begin as they started dating only three years before getting married. Like in any love story, there was opposition and few obstacles that they had to deal with. “Normally in our families, marriages among close relatives are avoided so it was a bit tough for my parents to say yes but later, they agreed,”says Viru. However, there were few relatives from both sides, who were not happy after hearing that Viru had found his girl. “But ours was a fully committed relationship and Viru had always been firm on his decision, so there was no question of insecurity,” says Aarti.

Sehwag married Aarti Ahlawat in April 2004 under heavy security cover in a widely publicised wedding hosted by Arun Jaitley, the then Union law minister of India, at his residence.

“I found Aarti very simple and she understands everything. She knows how to carry herself. At times she becomes very emotional but that’s alright as it’s a part of her nature.I am very happy that I have married the woman I love”.says viru in an interview with espnstar.com.

“I still remember when he bought me a cute little teddy carrying a heart. It was before our wedding. It feels great to marry a person of your choice. He is a very simple man, down to earth and extremely understanding. The best part about him is that he is a very committed person. Once he promises something to somebody, he never breaks it. Moreover, whatever he says he does.” Said Aarti in the same interview.

Aarti is often seen at many of the matches involving India and is an integral part of the WAG’s team.