The woman behind Sushil Kumar’s amazing success

Savi Solanki is the daughter of well-known wrestler and sushil kumar guru Satpal. Savi, the eldest of the 3 children of Satpal SIngh, is an MBA graduate. She is also a tennis player and played at
the national level.

The young Savi, who got married to Sushil only a year ago, has hardly spent any time with India’s greatest Olympian.In an interview she told “We have only spent two months together since getting married last year. Sushil has been so busy with his training. He’s hardly been in India during the last year”.

She is yet to go on her honeymoon as Sushil has no time outside of the akhara. Hum dono ne sacrifice kiya to phal mila, she says.With Sushil training in the US, Savi says she is busy with her IAS coaching classes near her father’s house in Delhi’s Shalimar Bagh and handling the operations of the LK International School in Bawana, founded by her father.

No other Indian has won individual medals at successive Olympic games and some of that credit should also go to Sushil’s family who have made sacrifices of their own to see him succeed at the biggest sporting stage of them all.