“Behind every successful man there is a woman but I am the man behind a successful woman”:-Brij Bedi.

He is a renowned social activist  in Amritsar . He is known in the city for education of children of drug addicts. He is a successful businessman but still he is known as Kiran Bedi’s husband. Lets meet Brij Bedi who is the man behind the successful woman – Kiran Bedi, First IPS Officer in India.

Early Life and Education

Brij belongs to Punjab. He was a University tennis player. He holds a degree in Texttile Engineering.  He also obtained a Master degree in  History from Punjab University, Chandigarh. He is a well known photographer too.  Brij had many choices – a career in the Army, modelling assignments, or the job of an executive in a leading firm – but he chose to turn to farming soon after he fall in love with Kiran Bedi. They met in  Hoshiarpur (Punjab) on the tennis courts of the Services Club in 1971.

Marriage With Kiran Bedi

It was on the tennis court that Brij met his wife, Kiran Bedi who was a member of the Service Club in Amritsar. A whirlwind romance was followed by a quiet temple wedding, and soon after Kiran left to be trained as the first woman IPS officer of the country. Kiran’s parents moved in with her and Brij chose to remain in Punjab although he was constantly in touch with his daughter Saina, who was born in 1975. He then moved on to setting up a textile processing machinery unit at Amritsar. In his factory Brij was ever ready to help anyone in need and supported artists by holding artists’ camps in his factory’s premises.

Social Activities

In 1994, he  set up a foundation in the memory of his late mother and started giving scholarships to deserving students. It was around this time that the growing traffic in the city and violations started attracting his notice. He started photographing the violations and bringing them to the notice of the authorities. This led to Bedi being appointed Chief Traffic Warden in the city with a group of volunteers under him. Since then the grey-haired aristocrat standing on a busy crossing regularizing traffic has been a common sight. After that he led a campaign against obscene posters and succeeded in getting an order against pasting of posters on city walls from the Punjab and Haryana High Court. Though words like ‘maverick’ and ‘eccentric’ are used to describe him, Bedi continued to do what he believed was right. At one point, the Shiromani Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee was all set to whitewash the old wall paintings in Baba Atal Sahib complex and Bedi along with a writer successfully fought for their preservation.

In 2002, a newspaper report on a rundown suburb of the city caught his attention for the headline described it as ‘A Colony of Widows’. The head of the family in every other household was a drug addict and in many the bread-winner had died of addiction. He adopted 20 children for education and started a school with the help of a retired teacher of the colony, Master Ajit Singh, in  rented premises.

Support to AAP

In February 2014, a message posted by him on his Facebook showed his support for Aam Aadmi Paty (AAP). He posted “All evil forces are working together to finish Kejriwal and his party AAP” . This post made a big noise in social media since his wife Kiran Bedi is also one of the critics of Arvind Kejriwal and his party AAP. Recently she has joined BJP and she is planning to contest against Arvind’s party.