Anita Advani is a contestant of Big Boss 7 , a reality show of Colors TV. Anita is best known for super star Rajesh Khanna’s live in partner. She came in news when she claimed on Rajesh Khanna’s property after his death. She was a childhood friend of Rajesh Khanna. She admits to meeting him at a shooting as a child and growing close later.

 She is the neice of the former president of the Philippines, Ferdinand Emmanuel Edralin Marcos and his wife Imelda Marcos (she’s famous for her collection of 2700 shoes). Khanna had said he had known Advani for 32 years. She was in school then. He is very fond of her but they are not in love. But it has all changed with Khanna’s death. Advani rues the fact that Khanna’s family didn’t even allow her to be present during the last rites.There has been disputes between her and Rajesh Khanna’s Family. In a recent interview she was heard saying, “I want Aashirwad (Khanna’s Bunglow)to be made a museum. The allegations against me are wrong; I have no greed or interest in this property. This property should go to the people of the country and be made a museum.”

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