Mansi Shrivastav is an Indian TV actress who is best known these days for her role of Shivani Rana in Zee TV serial “DO DIL BANDHE EK DORI SE”.

Mansi is from Delhi. She is 24 year old. She came to Mumbai in 2012 after finishing her studies. She has done some theater in Delhi. She wanted to be an actress since her childhood. She is the only child of her parents and obviously very pampered by her parents.

Mansi has worked in V channel’s popular TV show Suvreen Guggal – Topper of the year. She played the role of Suvreen’s sister Jasleen Guggal BABY. She has also worked in Zee TV’s popular show Rab Se Sohna Ishq as Heer.

About her role as Shivani Rana

Shivani Rana was born and raised in Jaipur. She belongs to a super-rich Rajasthani family on the fringes of royalty. In the beginning of our story, she is about 20 years of age. She lost both her parents in a plane crash when she was just a toddler. After that, she was brought up by her paternal grandfather, whom she affectionately calls ‘Daaju’ (her own variant of ‘Dadaji’). Owing to an overtly-protected upbringing by her obsessive grandfather, Shivanii has been totally unaware of the harsh realities of the real world outside.

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