Shalini Singh  (Shalini Talwar) is the wife of India’s popular music director and singer Yo Yo Honey Singh.Shalini and Honey Singh studied from the same school. Both were good friends and start dating each other. After the completion of school, Honey Singh went to UK but he did not forget Shalini. After his huge success and fame, he decided to marry her. He kept it secret because he didn’t want his popularity to go down among teenage girls.

Shalini and Honey Singh got married in 23 January 2011. Shalini belongs to a Punjabi family from Delhi. The couple got married in a farm house of outskirts of Delhi in a traditional Sikh wedding. Some of the rituals of the wedding were also performed at Holy Gurudwara at Sarojini Nagar (Delhi).

Honey Singh introduced his wife to the public in his reality musical show India’s Raw Star. Shalini assisted Honey in this show and she also encouraged contestants.

In an interview Honey Singh said that his wife doesn’t like his songs , he said  “She doesn’t likes any of them. I guess she hates them but never says so.. (laughs). On a serious note, she mostly likes romantic songs, which I haven’t sung any so far. However she really likes brown Rang and makes me sing it everyday for her. Ab unke liye bhi kuch gana padega,”.


Initially Honey Singh kept mum on her wedding. Later one Delhi based photographer claimed that he was hired as a marriage photographer in Honey Singh’s wedding. He showed some pictures of Honey Singh’s wedding to the media. Honey Singh did not react on these claims and this created a doubt in his fans’ mind if he is married.