Aayenah Pahuja is a news anchor in Dooradarshan.She was assigned to cover the inauguration of IFFI in Goa last week. She has become safe_imagethe latest victim of cyber bullying.

What was the incident?

Pahuja made a few mistakes while anchoring the opening ceremony of the International Film Festival of India (IFFI) live from Goa on November 20. She referred to state governor Mridula Sinha as the governor of India and failed to identify a Chinese actress.

The video went viral drawing a series of uncharitable comments. She was recalled from covering the closing ceremony and has lost future contracts as well.

The other side of the story: Ayesha came up with a video to explain her views over the issue. According to her
“My instruction mic stopped working five minutes before we went live. Producer did not had any way to instruct me on who is coming next. I went nervous. It all happened because of a massive technical crash.”

“My ‘Governor of India’ mistake wasn’t intentional but I was nervous and it was just a slip of tongue. I apologize for the same”,.

You can check her view here:


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