10615353_477772315695936_7922272381186944919_nAbhigyan Prakash is an Indian journalist, news anchor,reporter and political analyst. Currently Abhigyan is working with NDTV. He anchors a very popular news program “ NEWSPOINT” and “MUKABLA” on NDTV.
Abhigyan’s style of presentation is direct, honest and credible. In a career spanning nearly one and a half decades Abhigyan Prakash’s core strength is his ability to host shows with top political readers, movie stars, sportsmen and businessmen with effortless ease; a fact when he was chosen as one of the top 50 young achievers in the country.

As a political commentator, Abhigyan Prakash has done live election analysis for every State and Parliamentary elections since 1996, interviewing Prime Ministers and the top political leaders of the country. In 2003 when NDTV India was launched Abhigyan went to Mumbai, where he set up the channel’s operation in the Western hub, including the number one rated show on the channel, then “Mumbai Central “ which continues to be a key brand of NDTV India’s programming. It was his team which broke the Telgi Scam, and for this they were given the President’s Medal.

With his expertise of looking at Indian Politics, he has also done specialised election programming like “ELECTION POINT “and “VOTE KI JUNG”. His shift from English to Hindi in 2003 made him one of the best bilingual presenters in the country. Abhigyan is also the winner of several prestigious awards as an “Anchor” and for shows like “JAI JAWAN”, “ NEWSPOINT” and “INDIA ROCKS”.

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