Gautam Gulati

Gautam Gulati

This guy used be my favourite contestant in Bigg Boss 8. But whats that ? Gautam Gulati  is in news again. Recently he quoted “Small Town Thinking” and “Small Town People”. He quoted these words against the fellow contestant Pritam Singh. Of course people are not at all happy with his this so called “Kool” attitude. However this Bigg Boss season has become notorious for hate comments like this. Before that – Minisha Lamba quoted that contestants from previous seasons were not “Classy”.

Small Town People

In India, “Small Town People” is a phrase that is not used in a good sense from the people of metro cities or higher social class. This is a symbol of hate and ego . Irony is -these statements are used by the person who was voted by people for eight weeks in the reality show. Statistics shows that people from “Small Towns” has higher viewership of Bigg Boss then metro cities.  Also, its hard to understand what the “Small Town Thinking” is ?  Does it mean that people from small town do not think classy or elite ? Does this mean the all the manners are copyright of people like Gautam? This is really a shocking statement by Bigg Boss’s one of the most popular contestant.  Does Gautam want to say people from small town doesn’t think classy?

The Truth

Well, the truth is completely opposite. People from Small Towns are really doing good in all the fields of Indian society. Indian Prime Minister Mr Narendra Modi belongs to a village where he used to work as a tea seller ( Not so cool Gautam ?), Bollywood king Amitabh Bachhan is from Allahbad and Indian cricket team captain MS Dhoni is from Ranchi. We dont want to write more names here since the list is too long. We just picked name of those icons of  Indian society who do need any introduction.

Dear Gautam, you are really doing well in the show – don’t ruin your reputation by statement like this. 75% of Indians live in small towns dude.

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