Padmini Prakash is an Indian news anchor. She is the first transgender news anchor of India. Since 15 August 2014 – Padmini appears every evening at 19:00 to present a news show on the Tamil-language Lotus TV based in the city of Coimbatore.Padmini Prakash is a trained Kathak dancer and has acted in Tamil soap operas before joining the news channel.She has also been crowned as Miss Transgender India in 2009.

Early Life and Education

Padmini is 31 year old. She was born in a conservative Tamil family. She wanted to be a dancer since her childhood. She grew up in RS Puram in Coimbatore. It’s been widely reported that Padmini was bullied as a child for being “different” and was disowned by her family at the age of 13. Padmini lived a very strict childhood raised by her father, with no love or attention. And she has not seen or spoken to her father, three sisters or brother for 14 years, since she left home in 2000. Her mother died when she was a baby and has no recollection of her.
When was a first-year BCom student, she cut off all ties with her family and dropped out of college due to the harassment she faced over her gender identity, and now supports several campaigns for transgender rights.

She travelled across the state and beyond and later returned to Tamil Nadu and became a Bharathanatyam dance instructor. Padmini, who now stays with her partner in Vellakinar in the suburbs of Coimbatore, also participated in and won several transgender beauty contests.

Husband and Family

Padmini had sex reassignment surgery in 2004. She got married to Nagraj Prakash the same year. Padmini and Nagraj adopted baby boy Jaya as a newborn two-years ago. Nagraj, an old school friend, and his family took her in when she was forced to leave home. They later fell in love and got married. Nagraj is a goldsmith.

Being an outspoken person and always voicing her opinions as a social activist for transgender rights, it was difficult for her to live a peaceful life.Her desire to do something different took her to many places and she traveled even beyond Tamil Nadu.