Prateek Yadav is the son of Mulayam Singh Yadav. Prateek is a fitness enthusiast and real estate businessman. His wife Aparna Yadav is a social activist and leader of Samajwadi Party.

Prateek was born on 7 July 1987. His biological fat10868247_10152936523426617_2531083141087428100_nher was Mr. Chandra Prakash Gupta and Mother is Mrs. Sadhna Gupta. Chandra Prakash and Sadhna got divorced in 1990. As per a report filed in a case against Mr. Mulayam Singh Yadav CBI mentioned that Mulayam’s name was used as a guardian for Prateek in his school records. Mulayam’s first wife Malati Devi died in 2003. Mulayam Singh Yadav and Sadhna Gupta got married on 23 May 2007. The marriage was hidden until 2007. People came to know about Mulayam Singh’s second wife when in 2007 he filed an affidavit in Supreme Court related to his income. In this very affidavit, he mentioned Sadhna Gupta as his wife. It is said that Amar Singh persuaded Mulayam to accept Sadhana as his wife on a public platform. Mulayam did the same and hence in 2007 he accepted Sadhana Gupta as his wife.

Prateek attended City Montessori School. He later attended Lucknow University to do B.Com. He met Aparna Bisht in his college days. Prateek has done his Masters from Leeds University. The couple got married in 2011. They have a daughter.

Prateek is not very interested in politics. He is a very big animal lover.  He is more into fitness and real estate business. He has recently opened a high-end gym in Lucknow and planning to open more like these.


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