Microblogging is a casual form of bloging where blog limit is restricted upto a fix amount of words (140 chars in case of Twitter). Microblogging is a...

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What is Microblogging ?

Now its more easy to send your tweets. Yeah, provides you a very interesting way of sending the twe...

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Tweet Your Mails

Android is an Open Source operating system developed by Google. Android is based on Linux kernel  and GNU software. Android is used on its b...

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What is Android ?


The manufacturer of BlackBerry -Research In Motion is facing a new problem in India. Loss in sales. Yes, due to the conflict with Government , RI...

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Loss to BlackBerry In India

BlackBerry is a smartphone that was introduced by Research In Motion in year 2002, a company from Canada. BlackBerry is mostly known for its smart ema...

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What Is BlackBerry ?